How is a quote given for a move and how can I ensure I get an accurate move estimate?
There are two types of estimates, binding (we will adhere to the quote and not go over) and non-binding (is an estimated time it takes us to complete, a flat hourly fee is charged, that starts when we arrive.)


Are materials included in the estimate?

Furniture wrap is, boxes are separate


What if my move includes Multiple Destinations that my belongings need to be separated and taken to, for example from my old home, my storage, my office all to my new home? Do you charge per stop, per hour, miles?

Depends on the estimate requested, if a non binding bid, the hourly rate will be charged from the time we show up to the first stop.  If it is a binding agreement, that will be figured in to the quote.


Do I have to pay a deposit? 

No deposit.


When do I pay for the balance of my move? Do I pay you or the driver?

We accept payment, upon completion of the move. The driver will have you sign the complete portion of the contract and take payment.


How do hourly rates work and why do hourly rates change?

Hourly rates, are based on the size of the crew.  If you have abnormally large or heavy items we will have at least 3 crew members involved.  this is for the safety of your items and our team.


The hourly rate begins when we show up and is stopped when the move is complete.


What are the payment options?

Cash, credit.


Does it make any difference in price if my building has an elevator?

We do not charge for stairs or elevators, the hourly rate quoted is what you get.
(I don't like hidden fees either)


Do I have insurance on my move?


Locally the contents of the trailer are insured for 15,000. Unless you request full replacement insurance. ( Must have an agreed value placed on belongings. this is subject to underwriting and a price will be given once inventory and value have been established.


What does your being bonded and insured do for me?

We are not bonded, that is required to be a broker. We guarantee we will be the company handling your belongings from start to finish. (We don't believe in outsourcing our reputation.  Having the proper insurance means we follow the regulations set forth by the FMCSA and the great state of Texas.


What if something gets broken?

In the case of a box, if we packed it we own it! If you packed it yourself, we cannot claim liability.  Having said that, we strive to be perfect so don't you worry. We will treat your stuff like ours.  If in the case of furniture, if full replacement insurance was purchased by the client, we will be with you until the full cost is replaced.

Standard minimum required by the state of Texas is .60 / lb


What can I do to Avoid Damages in packing and transit of my belongings?
for boxes, don't leave any empty space use bubble wrap, or newspaper. use the proper boxes for dishes, glass. (we can provide all boxes and packing materials.  For furniture, that's what we do! we make sure all is padded and wrapped before it enters our trailer.  


What happens if there is Inclement Weather on my scheduled move date?

We can't control the weather, sometimes for the protection of your belongings we just can't move you.  but don't worry we will work late and constantly monitor the weather, if there is a window we will get it done.

Do I have to be there during the move?

It helps! besides we like to see you!

We can do it without you, but it does help to be there at the destination.  We want to make sure everything is in the right place.


How will I know when you will be there? 

We will give you a two hour window, if something makes us late you save 10%


If I am putting my things in Long Term Storage how to I pack/store them to protect my belongings from heat/weather or being stacked for long periods of time?

We recommend using furniture blankets, we can provide this for you.
We know how to pack it and stack it, your goods are safe with us.


I hate packing. What kind of Packing Services do you offer and what all can your team pack for me? How long does that take? What is my job? What is your process?

We can pack everything, all you will need is a cocktail and a lawn chair!

I have a lot of Stuff in Attic, can your guys load and unload things for me on move day?

We will move your stuff from the attic, this is Texas so please give us a heads up in the summer.  We prefer to do this early in the day for the safety of our crew.

What about the things in my refrigerator/freezer?

We will not carry food inside fridges or freezers, we will pack the contents in coolers and load them in your personal vehicle.


What Type of Truck do you have?

We are using top of the line equipment, new Ford (built without your tax dollars) Trucks and a custommoving trailers.  This gives us and advantage over a box truck in many ways.  


What if I have extra items that are not on my confirmed list?

We are simple, if it fits we will take it.  (However, if full replacement insurance is in place these additional items will be covered under our standard insurance)


How do I prepare for my move? 

We move a lot faster when things are packed up and ready, make sure there aren't any loose items 9though we will gladly pack them for you.

Next, relax this is where we shine!  



Disassembly & Assembly?

We will disassemble and reassemble all of you belongings its included!


Do you provide a senior discount?

Of course!  special people deserve a special rate!  10%

This also applies to all of our first responders and military!


What type of additional services are available to the senior community? 

We will spend the extra time to assure the environment is just the way you need it!  Clean and hazard free!